Naim Uniti Star +Hegel H190

Hi dear friends!
just bought the HEGEL H190 and I also have the Naim Unit Star, my question is. if I can use my Star. as a streamer and connect Hegel to the Star exit of the preamp?

I won‘t ask why you want to do that (as the Hegel is also a Streamer) but i am sure that you can connect them to work together either way.
Ok now i got curious. What is your goal?

You could but you’ll end up with two volume controls as the Star has a preamp out (post volume control) rather than a fixed line out.
As @conlegno says, I’m curious why you’d want to do this…

Sell the Star and buy an Ndx second hand, or Nd5xs2. It would sound so much better.

Because i need moore power for my speakers and Hegel have 150w in 8 ohms more than Star and i want to use my Star now like a streamer ,because also with Star i can use Roon.

Sell your Star and get a Roon Endpoint for your Hegel. Plenty of users in the Roon forum have done that as everybody is tired of waiting for at least 3 years now that Hegel will implement Roon.

What speakers are you using?

You are currently using 2 devices which overlap very much in their functionality i think it is a waste…

Ah ok understood - a slightly unconventional setup. You could connect the Star preamp out to the Hegel ‘home theatre max level input’ RCAs. This will allow the Star to set the volume rather than having variable volume on both units.

Kef R11 i want to use Naim Star only like a streamer , i don t want to buy another streamer.

Kef r11

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