Naim Uniti Star paired with Dynaudio Spearkers

Dear Naim’ fans,
I only bought Uniti Star and i would like to pair with Dynaudio Special Forty speakers but i do not know how sound is ? Does Naim and Dynaudio match good ? So i not yet to Dynaudio speaker .

I am please to hear about your sharing ?


Welcome to the forum. Yes, lots of people on the forum use Dynaudio speakers with Naim. I have heard Dynaudio Special 40’s with a Nova and thought it sounded really good so I imagine they would be a good match for the Star as well

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I used to own a Nova and paired it with Dynaudio Special 40. Excellent pairing that I was very happy with until I visited this site and caught the bug!

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My exact same setup when I started my journey. Star + S40. Very quickly I realised the sound needed to be loud to wake up the speaker. Go to the 252 + 250DR route, still feel S40 can’t wake up. Now I am awaiting my 555 + 552 and will see if S40 can perform. If not, then it is either my room, or myself or :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hello Nguyen and welcome to the madhouse!

First of all, many people here combine Naim electronics with Dynaudio loudspeakers, as such that will work out fine. I also have the Special Forty, I’m confident that these will sound lovely at the end of your Uniti Star.

As some have mentioned already, more power will make them even sound better. But please don’t let this hold you back from enjoying this combination.

There is always more and better out there :wink:


Thanks so much for your sharing. The information is great for me and i am confidence to buy Special Forty as well as pair it.

There’s a whole thread of Dynaudio owners on this forum. I owned a pair of 2/7s and loved them with my Supernait. Still keep then around as my backup speakers. So the Special 40s should be nice.

Please have a look here:

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