Naim uniti star problem using hdmi

Does anyone have problems choosing HDMI input and display states no signal?

It’s annoying cause I can’t use HDMI connection to watch tv.

Does anyone have a solution? Please help.

I tried emailing naim support however their email box is full so my email was not received.

Is your TV set to output 2 channel PCM, and are you using an HDMI ARC port, not just a regular HDMI port?

I used to have this problem, but the latest firmware fixed it. Are you on the latest?

As the others have said, make sure you’re using the HDMI ARC port (and ensure that is correctly configured in your TV menu) and ensure that the TV converts all to 2 channel PCM. Latest firmware improves compatibility but if you are still having issues then do keep trying with Naim support as they will want to know.

Settings are showing me Audio format as pcm, hdmi format as bitstream, hd audio is off, I’ve turned Dolby digital to line instead of AF

Not showing stereo mode anywhere?

I have a smart Samsung TV

The HDMI was working to some degree up until yesterday and now does not work at all?

It’s new and was set up 2 weeks ago so I’m guessing it would have new firmware?

Set up on 22.2.20

HDMI Format shouldn’t be Bitstream. Is there an option to change it?

Yes you can change it to PMC, I tried this and it still didn’t work

What Firmware is it on?

Also, HDMI can be a real pain when it comes to handshaking so switch all off disconnect HDMIs and reconnect then switch on again. I do this fairly regularly on most of my HDMI kit otherwise you often end up with no signal as the handshakes are missed somehow.

You should restart both the TV and the Atom after making any changes, if you haven’t already.

How do you check what firmware it’s on?

Il try the other suggestions, thank you

Thank you il try this too

You can check it in the Naim App. Select your device then click on the cog wheel and check for updates.

It states 3.4.0 (4492)

Is that the latest version?

Yes, good.

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