Naim Uniti Star question

Now that my all-Naim system is taken away from me, I have to start from scratch :neutral_face:
Naim Uniti Star is what I have now, upgrading to a better TT is on my to-do list.
My QUESTION: is it true that all analog-In signals are digitized by this new Uniti Naim range???

Yes, the Star will digitise the analogue input and send it to the DAC. This allows all inputs to be used in multiroom mode if you have more than one streamer.

Thank You! My Naim dealer said the same but I decided to double-check because I did not want to believe this! He also said that only the new Uniti range does this. How is this digitizing done, to 16/44.1 or higher?
The only good news for me is that now I do not wave to worry about upgrading TT :grinning:

No one seems to know for sure about this analog inputs digitizing, and Uniti Star info package does not even mention this glitch. Will ask my dealer on the next visit, but for now I found a mention at avforums that Uniti range inputs “digitise at CD resolution”

All the new Unitis do it. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t be possible to play from analogue inputs via multiroom, so you can be sure that this is the case.
Not sure why you describe this as a ‘glitch’, are you saying that your turntable sounds poor through the Star?