Naim Uniti Star - USB limits

I’m on the point of buying a Uniti Star and, before committing the cash, just trying to get to grips with possible limitations and restrictions. Here are two things that puzzle me.

Puzzle #1. The detailed specifications in the Naim support pages for Uniti Star ( Uniti Star Support | Naim Audio ) set limits on what you can attach to the USB ports - “external portable SSD - max 1 TB” - but there are a few posts here which show that some of you are attaching bigger SSDs, and at least one dealer says you can attach a 2TB SSD.

Is this limit a myth or early design spec which Naim has left in by mistake, or is it the reason that some users are having problems with thier USB-attached storage?

There is a topic in the support pages titled “What is the maximum size HDD/ flash drive that can be used with the Uniti Star?” - where you would expect to find the definitive answer. It talks of performance slowing as more music is stored, but it does not give a limit (or say there is no limit).

Puzzle #2. The same topic says “only USB sticks and BUS powered USB HDDs can be used” - but another topic contradicts this, saying both BUS powered and self powered USB storage devices can be used. Is this just sloppy editing, or is there some restriction on the type of device that can be used?

The Naim website is notorious for the inaccuracies and out of date information on it. Fortunately, the gear sounds sublime.

In which case a 1tb drive is plenty. The T5 range from Samsung was previously recommended.

I am using a 1TB Samsung Evo 850 SSD in the rear USB port of my Atom, and a 32gb USB pen drive in the front USB port - whether that combination will go higher in terms of a combined storage capacity I can’t say - maybe your prospective dealer can help you out there as part of their customer service offering…

Thanks paulbysea!

Thanks for prompt and clear reply!

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