Naim Uniti Star using with NAP200


I have just upgraded from an original Uniti All in One to Uniti Star.

I have a NAP200 from my previous set-up and so would like to compare the sound of the Star with and without the NAP.

The original Uniti had a feature where you needed to “switch off” the speakers, but I can’t seem to locate the same on the Star. Does anyone know if there is one on the Star?

Also would the speaker cables go through the Star or NAP?

Thanks, Alan.

There isn’t such a feature. Just connect the speakers to the 200 and give it a go.

Speaker cables to the NAP200 of course…

As HH implies, it doesn’t matter that the Star now won’t have any speakers connected.



You don’t need to tell the Star that you are connecting a separate power amp, it will automatically switch to the pre out. You will need an RCA to 4 pin DIN lead to connect the power amp, then just connect your speaker cables to the 200 instead of the Star.

Eager to know what you think


I think a better upgrade might be a powerline for the star and keeping it as is… as the star is really a one box hi fi

A recent audition of a nova left me very impressed and really sounded to me as an endgame hi fi system

I already have Powerlines for the Star and NAP.

Thank you.

Thank you I have the connection required.

Thanks I’ll feedback once I have a chance to compare.

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That would be great. I have a NAP200 connected to a Uniti Atom with excellent results. I am very happy with the NAP addition. :grin:

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