Naim Uniti Star v slow post updates

I’m posting this here prior to contacting Naim just in case anyone has a magic solution. Since the recent updates, accessing local music on the Uniti Star has slowed down to a problematic, nigh on unusable level. I’m using Firmware 3.5.1 and iOS app 5.18

Selecting Albums from my local server (a 2TB USB drive) can take over 30 seconds to populate thumbnail artwork and often selecting an artist does not give a list of albums unless I back out and repeat the process several times. I’ve got music from just under 2,000 albums in a mix of Naim ripped (FLAC) and home ripped music (mix of MP3, Apple lossless etc).

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what’s the magic solution? All - and any - suggestions gratefully received…

I’ve had a similar problem on my Nova and decided to do a factory reset to start from scratch. I wanted to disable Chromecast anyway, so it seemed like a good opportunity. I also deleted my IOS app and reinstalled having logged out of Spotify and Qobuz before deleting as well. Since then everything seems a lot snappier and has for several days. This includes accessing local music on a 512gb thumb drive.

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In the App try going to Settings > Other settings > Clear image cache. If that fails to help try Rebuilding music database. However, a factory reset will do the same thing and may fix other issues.

Thanks - that really helps. I’ll give it a go tonight and report back.

Thank you! I think that’s a couple of really helpful suggestions. Will report back once I’ve had a play.

I think I’ve just found a new hidden feature in Naim’s software. It seems to be reading posts on this forum! The first problem - taking ages to show album art - is solved, with no action on my part. I’m not sure if it just took an age to properly build an image cache but, TBH, I’m just delighted it’s solved.

The second issue - not populating albums under an artist - is still there so I am going to have to do either a rebuild database or, more drastically, a factory reset.

Thank you, kind Naimers, for advice. Much appreciated.

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