Naim uniti Star with Raidho xt-1 upgrade

What a wonderful combo. Red dawn cables and JL audio sub. Added the Gaia III footers. Amazing integration and soundstage. What next?

A picture or 2 in the system pics 2020 thread :grinning:

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Sub isn’t slow compared to Raidho speakers? Pics?

I don’t think so, JL Audio are among the best, most musical and fastest subwoofers in the world.

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This system has more than a touch of the mullets. For the next step I’d be looking at an NDX2, 282, Hicap DR and 250DR as a minimum.


The OP seems very happy with its current configuration. More than climbing the Naim scale, and with no demeaning it at all, I think those little gems would shine especially with any quality small tube amp.


The question ‘what next?’ was asked…

Think I answered it in the 2nd post :grinning:

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You did. I have a hard time thinking of next steps. In all honesty I know in a year I will get antsy but there is ample power to drive the Raidhos.

No the JL audio is small enough (E110) and Well integrated with the instructions to set it up from the Sound Doctor.

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Did you see the picture?



Stunning… :clap:

Do put this on the system pics thread…other members will like it too…

I guess it’s serving up the music the way you like it…

The room is wonderful as well

A plant like that in my living room will attract mosquitoes by the dozen but I guess you live in another part of the world :grinning:

Very nice !

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Where do I find the system pic thread. Thank you. No mosquitos here.

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Done. Thanks.

Jl makes great subs but Raidho are known for their speed. If it works then awesome. Those Raidho tweeters are special.

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If JL Audio couldn’t with them, I sincerely doubt that any other sub could do it. Personally I have the three main systems with subwoofer, ProAc SM100 with SVS SB2000, ProAc K6 with SVS SB 16-ULTRA, and ProAc Tablette 10 SE with JL Audio D-108, and in all cases are up to the task, and ProAc has nothing slow; but I had a hard time finding the right subwoofers, because I had to try a few that couldn’t accompany the speakers’ speed.

I love your system, so simple overall, and I am sure makes wonderful music! Enjoy!

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Sure does. I wanted to simplify. Power upgrade may be a step but given my room and sound. The next step would be so expensive. That the incremental benefit may not be there.

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