Naim Uniti Upgrade

Hi everyone.

My original Naim uniti cd stopped working. I was going to get it repaired and upgrade the Streaming board. The repair cost is £424. So I’m thinking do I upgrade.

Two questions.

  1. Except the New fancy display Will Tidal and Spotify sound vastly different on an older machine.

  2. The uniti star offers Cd ripping and playback via Usb hard drive or SD card. Can the original Uniti play off a Usb Hard drive:

Many thanks



I am not certain but I don’t think the older streamers can, or at least controlling playback is difficult

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  1. Probably the sound quality won’t be a lot different, but Tidal can work with fewer interruptions if you live somewhere with poor internet as the buffer is bigger on the new streamers.

  2. No the original Uniti can’t play from a USB Hard disc drive and although it will play from a USB memory stick, the control of what is playing is extremely primitive and not user-friendly.



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Good point about the buffer. So that and the screen are the only real drawback.

I really like having the Cd player but am reluctant to spend £3750 for the Uniti star. Im sure in a few years the screen will die on these units. Also with so many streaming services I would like to wait untill the dust settles.

I think I will get it fixed. Thanks for the help.

There is a lot more to the Star than that. It’s designed to be reasonably future proof whereas the old Uniti is really just in keep alive support, with no new developments. I don’t think the display should be unreliable but of course they haven’t been around that long yet.

If you look on Naim’s website they explain what you would get for the money. Anyway it’s your decision!



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