Naim Uniti2 help needed again 1 channel down

Hi guys I’ve just tried to add speakers to my uniti2
I connected properly I used second hand speaker cables I think I’ve blown a channel . are the internal fuses is it easy to replace internal fuses & where are they ? I’ve looked online I can find any pics or help online , thanks again all

As far as I’m aware there is no user replaceable fuse in a Uniti other that the one on the mains power input, which I doubt you have blown, but you can easily remove it and check. A call to Naim support might be your next option.

Ok thanks I’m an old , new Naim owner
I’ve played with it a bit the headphones output on the front of the player is AOK , I have a headphones amplifier so I’m thinking it might just be a fuse in that ? Also I could be that or I’ve buggered a phono cable ? Its weird ? I thought I’d ask because there are some bloody smart people on this website much younger and sharper than me lol ,thanks again for verry helpful bunch of guys & gals i might contact Naim I don’t want to send if I don’t have to , there is no tranport screw in the bottom to secure the cd draw for shipping, I bougt it used

I’m a bit confused. Did the speakers initially work and then one stopped? I’m unsure how the headphone amp and phono lead come into it. Could you explain in more detail what is going on?

My bad it was working via headphones & headphones amplifier throug phono leads ,
I then put speakers on it , only 1 Chanel worked and I then tried the headphones later then only 1 channel worked

I’ve just retired the headphones amp unity I swapped the out put phonos around only the left hand channel was working twice, so is either the headphones amplifier or the phonos
It’s the same with my other headphones

Sorted, panic over it’s my darkvoice 336se headphones amplifer that is US not the Naim

It was the one side of the rca main valve on my darkvoice 336se headphones amplifier
Phut and £ 70.00 up in smoke , ah well that’s life I’m glad my Naimuniti2 is AOK now

Good to know the Uniti 2 is OK.

Oh yes , I think it’ll still be working if the " bomb" drops lol , Naim gear is built to last its bloody bomb proof stuf

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