Naim uniticore Vs USB SSD

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Looking for some opinions as to whether the uniticore is worth the money Vs spending money on a good USB SSD and hi-end USB cable to connect. At half the cost would I get the same audio performance connecting a drive to my Atom? Or should I just take the plunge and get the Core?


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I’m not convinced that you need to spend much money on a USB drive for the Atom. Cheap drives or memory sticks work just fine for me.
Personally I wouldn’t buy a Core. For that money you’d get a far bigger upgrade by trading the Atom for a Nova.
What the Core gives you is storage that copes better with a large library, and a CD ripper of course, but I think you’ll find you can get this with much better functionality for far less money if you look elsewhere. For example, if you want a simple, ready to use device, an Innuos Zen Mini at less than half the price of the Core is hugely more versatile. For considerably less money than that, a traditional NAS/UPnP server would do the job very well for £300.

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Unless you are ripping thousands of CDs, a NAS will do the job just as well and sound just as good. Load the upnp server Asset and you are away.


…as mentioned above a purchase of a NAS and rip your CD’s and it works just fine with the NAIM App.

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Yes i’m using a usb SSD at the moment and the hi-res files are sounding great anyway.

If there is no audio upgrade performance with the core then I think I will potentially look into putting the money into an upgrade to a nova…

Thanks again.

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