Naim Unitilite access to QNAP TS253D

I’m using a fairly old UnitiLite. It still works well having been serviced by Naim at least twice. Recently I had to replace the attached Zoneripper (a music server and ripper from Ripcaster) due to a motherboard failure and purchased a QNAP TS253D with minimServer, moving the hardrives from the Zoneripper to the QNAP. It all works well using my laptop to both rip CDs and download music. But whenever I rip a cd or download music and move to the QNAP NAS the only way I can get the UnitiLite to pick up the changes is to restart the QNAP NAS. That doesn’t feel right and certainly wasn’t the case with the Zoneripper. Am I missing something? Thanks for any advice. Despite any appearances to the contrary I am not very technical🙂.

You need the QNAP to reindex when you add files to it. Presumably it does it on start up, but there probably is another way to do it, depending what upnp software you are using on the QNAP. It’s nothing to do with the Unitilite. That can only display what the QNAP gives it.

This is likely to be a setting in Minim, either in MinimServer on the NAS or MinimWatch on your computer. Asking on the Minim forum may get you the quickest answer.

I used Mimim in the past and found it too complex, especially needing the two programs. I now use Asset, and new albums added to my Qnap show up in the Naim app within seconds, without the need to do anything. Hopefully that’s what you can get Minim to do.

Thanks David and HungryHalibut, that all makes good sense and I will pursue the advice. Thank you for that and such a quick response. I’ve always wanted to “own” my music but it comes at a cost of sometimes challenging complexity and options. The good old days of vinyl which I still use were very straightforward🙂. It is certainly true that any piece of technology comes with a multitude of capability the average user will never need or want to use.

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