Naim Unitilite Digital Input

Hi guys, I connect a DAC between my desktop and the Naim Unitlite using optical input. The Naim remote control on my iPhone shows DAC digital signal locked. Is there a way to unlock this signal so I can use my keyboard to control the volume? Thank you.

pto, can you just elaborate here on the setup? You say you’re using a DAC between the “desktop” (I assume this is a desktop computer) and the Unitilite via TOSLINK optical input?

So how are you connecting the DAC to the Unitlite? Not by analogue interconnect? Or are you in some way daisy chaining via optical from one DAC to another?

AFAIK “Lock” here refers to locking onto a digital signal.

If the computer can control the volume level from the DAC connected to your computer then I would suggest connecting it to the Unitilite via analogue interconnect and then setting that input on the Unitilite to either a set volume level or else setting that input in the setup menu to fixed volume. Just be careful that you have the volume level for the DAC at a low level otherwise…

Thank you Richard.

I use the Emotiva Big Ego DAC. It has a USB mini input, a TOSLINK optical and a 3.5mm analog audio output. I use a USB A to USB mini cable to connect my desktop computer and the Big Ego DAC, then connect the Big Ego’s TOSLINK optical output to the Naim Unitilite digital 4 optical output.

On the computer monitor, the speaker shows maximum volume. On the Naim Unitilite remote control from my iphone shows digital signal locked. Adjusting the computer speaker volume doesn’t change the volume of my speaker. I need to adjust the volume using either The Naim Unitilite remote control or my iPhone. Because the keyboard has 2 volume up and volume down buttons, I want to use them to adjust the volume. It doesn’t work.

Can I unlock the digital signal?


OK, so, you’re using the computer DAC as a basic USB-S/pdif convertor.

The digital signal lock here is something different to what you think it is - you can’t “unlock” it - it’s just to tell you whether it’s being fed with a good enough digital signal or not so the clocking can be set for best performance.

If you wish to control the volume of your DAC via your computer volume control then I would think that you’ll need to connect it to the UL via the analogue output - see my earlier post above (and set its input on the Unitilite to fixed level).

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