Naim UnitiQute 1 as source in the system

Im looking for a streamer for my system. Currently Im playing on Nait XS-2 and Neat Motive SX2 connected together with Nordost Red Dawn. I use Yamaha WXC-50 as a source. My budget is quite restricted. I came across UnitiQute and started to wonder, how would it work as a streamer. Would it sound better than my WXC-50, or should I search for something else? Does UnitiQute suport Tidal and Spotify?
Thanks a lot for any advices!

A Unitiqute would work fine as a streamer only, or you could also consider an ND5XS as these are quite cheap now that a new model has replaced them. However, if your main source is Tidal, they can be unreliable for some due to their small buffer. This was not so much of a problem for me, but it was a big problem for others, so you are taking a risk.
I think the Yamaha you are using now is actually a very good streamer for the money, and if you are happy with the way it works, I would consider keeping it, and using it with a separate DAC, as a possible upgrade.
On another note, I suspect you might find a different speaker cable a better match for your amp. Have you tried listening to it with NACA5?

Unless the UQ1 has had the upgraded streaming board fitted the same as the one fitted into the UQ2 it will not stream Tidal or Spotify but if it has had that done it will work and sound great as a streaming source.


Thank You for all replies.

I havent tried any Naim cables so far. Nordost came from my previous system and as for me it works really good. I will consider changing it, Im curious how the Naim cables perform. When it comes to ND5XS… Ofcourse I was thinking about it, but here, in Poland, prices are still quite high. Maybe I will wait until the prices go down a little bit and then buy ND5 XS.
I really like WXC-50 for its performance. MusicCast works perfect, I have nothing to complain about it. Nevertheless, I would like to change something in the system, upgrade it :slight_smile:

Well, thats true. I have just found some similar information about 1st gen of UnitiQute. This significantly complicates the matter.

In the UK, we are lucky to have a good supply of used Naim gear available. We are also lucky to have plenty of Naim dealers, and some of them will lend equipment to try at home before you buy, even speaker cable. If you can find a Naim dealer who will do this, I would suggest that you try a Naim streamer in your system, both to assess sound quality, and to check that it works reliably with Tidal, which can, as I said earlier, be a problem for some users.
Another option you could consider is to keep the WXC-50 and look for a Naim NDAC, connected with an SPDIF cable. I suspect this would sound better than an ND5XS for a similar cost.


If you do decide to buy a Unitiqute, not all of the original Unitiqute 1 models are incompatible with Tidal. You need one that has the 24/192 streaming board, which is a change that preceded the introduction of the Unitiqute 2. You should check the specification with the seller before you buy.

I use Unitiqute as a transport to Chord 2 Qute + XS + Flatcap XS and also live in PL. It doesn’t support Tidal or Spotify but I stream locally only, plus iRadio. Thats cheaper option than ND5XS as UQ1 was about 350Ł. So, a question of money.

If you do not have good, separate DAC I would go for ND5 cause UQ preamp isn’t impressive. I mean its really great unit for the money. Can be used as a power amp, headphone amp, streamer, dac etc. Worth to keep as a backup unit. As a transport only it is much better than Mac mini or MacBook with any audiophile software. More analogue, full and pleasant sounding.

Chord Dac makes a big difference, not huge comparing to UQ, but when Flatcap is added its is huge. With CD5i ,XS and Flatcap (in the past) I could always hear a difference but it wasn’t as profound as with UQ - 2Qute.

The problem with UQ + Dac is lack of automation, you can’t control volume on your amp. Really uncomfortable for me. So then, If you don’t own and don’t want to buy a separate dac, ND5XS is the only choice.


I use UQs as systems for my study, kitchen and bedroom. I love them.

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I use a UQ1 in the office with Kef Ls50’s and it’s great, esp after the 4.6(7?) update. That said, I used it years ago as a streaming source only into my DAC V1, via BNC SPDIF, and thought the original Sonore microRendu streamer that proceeded it sounded better. I use the microRendu a source now to Bridge Roon to the UQ. The UQ is a great bargain as an all in one, esp considering what one can pick them up for on the used market, but as purely a streamer one can do much better imo, esp if one goes outside Naim. Naim really haven’t done themselves any favors by not producing a simple, DAC-less, half width streaming unit.


Or a half frame CD transport or not adding a line in on the DAC V1, there does seem to be a desire for simpler systems or smaller systems

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Thank You for all of the replies. I really do appreciate all Your help. I have to overthink everything now and decide, what would be the best option for me.

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