Naim unitiqute 2 vs Atom

Hi guys,

I’m interested in purchasing one of these 2 units as a gift for a friend.

I was wondering if there is a considerable difference in sound signature? I’m not too concerned about functionality because having owned the unitiqute 2 in the past I was more than happy with its feature list.

I prefer the sound of the UQ2 to the Atom personally.

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interesting. How would you describe the difference in sound?

Wow. Can I be your friend too :grinning:

I have an Atom and very happy with the sound. Sure the UQ2 sounds fine too. I guess the main issue may actually be about functionality, with the newer Atom being more compatible with a range of streaming services etc.

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I do prefer the sleek look of the new atom but I would also like to save money if I can.

This is my way of getting somebody into this hobby who wouldn’t spend such an amount on a streamer himself. Hence my question regarding the sonics of each streamer.

I remember I was pleasantly surprised by the cute2 in the past.

I run a qute2 with neat Iota speakers - picked up the pair used for under £1k. Clearly it doesn’t have the power of my 552/300/NDS but it is damn fine and hits the Naim sound button as you would expect. I can see how this pairing could easily hook you in to the difference between hifi and Naim!

I haven’t heard the Atom but for c£500 on the used market a qute2 makes a lot of sense. Don’t forget to check screen brightness before buying if you go down that route!

I have heard UQ2 a few times and have an Atom/Iotas In my small office. To my ears the Atom gives more insight into the depths of the recording and more separation between instruments. More realism, if you like. This matters to me, particularly as I listen to a lot of classical, but I can readily see why others may prefer the UQ.

I have to admit that the Atom is a lovely thing to have on my desk — it always seems to be asking me play it. Integrated Qobuz is also a big plus and would, I suspect, be of great value to someone starting out on a hifi journey, particularly if they didn’t own a big collection of recorded music. But a UQ is great value these days and I doubt it would disappoint.


So the qute2 has a warmer signature I take it. That helps as the speakers are Epos m5i which I believe can benefit from a warmer tone.

Atom is airier and more detailed. Qute altogether more engaging and tuneful.


If this person you’re buying it for is going to use it only for local streaming, fine, but if not, and especially if the whole streaming thing is new to them and they want convenience, there’s a lot to be said for getting the Atom. Many people assume these things will ‘just work’, and the Atom, with Airplay, Chromecast, much improved WiFi etc. will be much more attractive to some users. That’s nothing to do with sound quality, of course, although on that front, the Atom having Qobuz HiRes support and some iRadio improvements, may appeal on that front too.

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