Naim UnitiQute + Naim NAP 200 : good idea ???


Currently I have a Naim UnitiQute (alone) connected to my speakers B&W CM9. Sound is really correct for me but I am wondering to add a Naim NAP 200 in order to give more power, avoid overheating of my UnitiQute after long listening, and maybe to improve quality of sound.
Because I am not an expert, I would like to know your opinion. Is it a good idea? Do you think adding a NAP 200 will improve quality a sound? Will this solve the overheating problem?

Second question: I only listen music from my iphone (Apple Music in streaming) but it does not work wireless with the UnitiQute, so I have to connect my phone by USB. Do you recommend a solution to connect easily my phone wireless and with good quality of sound ?

Thanks a lot for your welcomed support ! It is my first post…
And as you can see, english is not my first langage, sorry.

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The UQ will connect to a NAP200, via the pre out. I am not sure if there will be an improvement in SQ. I would advise listening before purchase. I agree that it would keep your UQ cooler though, having previously owned one.

Answer to your second question, it depends on the model of UQ you have. There is a thread about it, the original UQ does not support Bluetooth, I am not sure if Naim offer an upgrade.

I had an original UQ, and found it very enjoyable in my bedsit.

Adding a 200 to your Unitiqute will drive the speakers better than the built in amp, and possibly help it to run cooler. Remember that Naim use their metal cases as heat sinks, so some warmth is to be expected.
Another option would be a look for a Superuniti which is a big upgrade on the Unitiqute and has plenty of extra power.

For Apple Music I would buy an Airport Express from ebay and connect it to the optical input on the streamer. This will enable you to use your iPhone wirelessly over WiFi, which is generally more robust than Bluetooth, although that is another option.

Naim do not (and never did) offer such an upgrade.

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IIUC the UnitiQute 2 had a better streaming board and Bluetooth as upgrades compared to the UnitiQute 1. The streaming board was offered as an upgrade to UQ1 owners, but not the BT functionality. That might be why @djh1697 was asking??

Only the last year or thereabouts of UQ2 production had Bluetooth. The main production run of UQ2 didn’t have Bluetooth, but they did all have 24/192 boards.

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If your speakers are demanding (and I understand B&W are) then a 200 would take some load off the UQ. Without demanding speakers though I would say no - I added a 250dr onto my UQ1 (into nSats) and didn’t see a lot of benefit

The nSats are the weakest link?

Don’t know. They sounded pretty good with a supernait 3 (plus hicap) and ndx into them. I suspect it may be more that the uq1 is not of sufficient quality to shine with a 250dr. On the other hand when I tried the uq1 with my mission 70 speakers (just before donating to my nephew - I am about to recover them from him ) the sense of fun was huge

A couple of days ago I got my N-Sats out of hibernation in the loft and connected them to my main system. I was amazed at how good they sounded, even though I had just plonked them on the floor.
The last time I used them was with my Atom, and they were kind of OK but unremarkable. This has reinforced my impression that N-Sats really need a good system in front of them in order to shine.

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