Naim Unitiserve Kaput. Poor customer care from Naim

Well my Naim Unitiserve packed in with a hard disk boot drive failure at the start of lockdown. The usual process is to take it to richer sounds in Preston to have it shipped to Naim for repair. The nearest proper name dealer is Manchester and Richer sounds are approved by Naim to return stuff for repair and then they send it back there to be collected. Now considering RS Preston is only phone call stuff and pickup of large items only I cannot get my Unitiserve repaired. I phoned Naim regarding returning it myself but they won’t do this. It has to be through an approved outlet. They want £400 to repair it (which is fine if they can recover the music on it) but why so inflexible. Why make it so hard to return stuff. I’m about to pull the plug on this one and go and buy a cd ripper/server from a competitor. Not good customer care in my book.

Audio T Preston ?

I think the reason Naim don’t like to let customers return items directly is because this would create a large administration headache in terms of payments, paperwork, invoices, returns etc. They would need a separate function to manage all of this; I’d imagine they get through a lot of servicing and repairs.

Just restore the music from your backup once it’s been fixed.

I think I am missing something around this part: “RS Preston is only phone call stuff and pickup of large items only I cannot get my Unitiserve repaired”.

Is the issue that you can’t get the Unitiserve to RS Preston because they only pick up larger stuff? Can you not drop it off at RS yourself for some reason (I don’t know how far away you are from RS) or get it picked up by UPS or similar at your home and have it delivered to RS?

I probably worded that badly. RS is phone only. The shop isn’t open. I think they are delivering orders via courier so I’m not sure you can even pick up even.

Errr…I hadn’t done a backup for a while. I was about to when I discovered there was an issue with it.

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Any Naim dealer can organise the RMA and get it sent off to Salisbury for you. Just contact your nearest one. The fact that RS can’t sort you out is not really Naims fault.


I think Audio T closed down a while ago in Preston. I don’t think they were a Naim dealer at the time either. RS aren’t really a main Naim dealer either but they did have MuSo stuff in stock.

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Are we to take your comment to mean that there’s a lot of Naim products suffering from breakdowns? It would seem that any company like RS should be more accommodating since they’re the middleman. After all during this virus some of us only have our music cooky puss Happy and sane

I see. As others suggested, I would call any large Naim dealer in UK and ask what to do, I would expect they let you UPS it to them and they will return it the same way after it comes back from Naim

I understand this but a) considering the current situation and b)the cost of repair/service then they should offer a more flexible customer service. At this rate I’m likely to go elsewhere. Alternatively, if I can’t recover the music off it then I may as well just buy one used. I spoke to Naim and they won’t allow me to ship it to them. I’m not really happy about this tbh.

If they allowed this it would not be just you but thousands of people all over the world would suddenly ship their gear to Salisbury


No idea, hence the word ‘imagine’. I would’ve imagined, though, that if only a small percentage of sold kit gets serviced each month that still mounts up to quite a few boxes to keep track of.

What’s the problem with that. It’s not cheap gear so they should be more accommodating. In any case if it’s UK mainland most other companies don’t seem to have a problem with customers returning stuff for repair/exchange etc. If it’s just until we get back to normal (sic) then fine but at the moment it’s a paperweight and has been since May.

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If you are immobile/housebound/sheltering then I am absolutely sure that Brian and Trevors, near you in Manchester, or Geoff at Acoustica in Chester would be more than willing to help and facilitate.


@Devil_20, sorry sometimes google is not my friend.

I believe you are being a bit unreasonable on purpose when asking what would be the problem with that. It is probably doable, but not easy and not to be implemented overnight especially in the current situation. They would need a separate new department of people, the storage space, etc.

In larger non UK countries like Germany where I am, the local distributor is also authorized to perform certain work, so not everything needs to go to Salisbury, making for shorter and safer shipment and less load on Naim.

Given this, it seems reasonable that they cannot make fundamental changes to how this works during the pandemic


No, I’m none of those things. Yes I know Brian and Trevor at House of Linn. That’s always been appointment only. Wasn’t aware they were Naim dealers now. Also know Geoff at Acoustica and his oppo (Paul?) who lives not far from Preston so he’s actually nearest. I’ve been to pick stuff up from Paul that I’ve bought from Acoustica rather than have it posted but dropping stuff off at his home seems a bit cheeky. I think I’ll try having another word with Naim. If no joy then I might give Brian and Trev a buzz. I’m in Manchester quite a lot anyway. Might combine that with a trip over to Whitefield.

Naim used to accept direct returns from customers. I guess a change of management a few years ago resulted in a change of services on offer.

We all still have a choice. Stick with Naim and their current customer relationship ie via a retailer only, or move to some other company where personal service direct with a customer is their norm.

Of course, this forum is the ideal place to express these and other differing points of view.

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