Naim Unity 2 + NAP250

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It’s super nice to see so much info on here. I have been using a Uniti 2 driving a pair of ProAc Respond D48R speakers. I have got an opportunity to get a very sparingly used NAP250 power amplifier. I wanted to know if using the Uniti amp’s to power the tweeters and the 250 to power the mids & bass will make a nice upgrade. Basically bi-amping to the speakers? Anybody has experience on this and will it help. The Uniti 2 have 70W/channel and the 250’s are 80w/channel. Will that be a problem cause i’ll be sending 70 to the tweeters and 80 to the mid & bass.

Oh and for info i have a dedicated room around 450 sqft as my listening room so it’s a fairly large space.

Thx a lot guys for your hep in advance

Have a grt day

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The general consensus seems to be that running the 250 as a power amp of the pre-amp out of the Uniti2 would be the way to go. But if you have a spare run of speaker cables, you can try both and decide which you prefer.

I’ve ponded adding a 250 to my Nova, but have resisted the urge. I have a Uniti2 as well which I currently use for a pre into a headphone amp from my TV and Blurry in my edam room, which works really real. The Uniti2 is a really versatile box as it has both pre-out and line out connections.

Good luck.

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The 250 is far better than the amplifier in the Uniti 2 and with those speakers in a large space is likely to make a really worthwhile difference. I’d forget about biamping and just use the 250. Is the 250 a DR model? The DR version is a lot better than the non DR 250.2 in my experience.


Thx that is a good idea.

Will try both ways and see how they sound. Thx for the advice. The power difference is only 10W so that was my doubt of how different it can be.

And yes it’s a DR250

Thx guys

Forget the power output. The amp in the Unity is great for what it is but will inevitably be compromised being part of a one box solution. Performance wise the 250 will be in a different league.




Actually, I’m not completely sure you can bi-amp from the Uniti2, looking at the manual. You can output from the pre-amp output to the 250 with a 5-pin to RCA cable. You can also toggle wired speakers on/off through the on-screen display - but whether that works as bi-amping, I’m not sure. Do you have the reference manual? It says this:

Thx Lindsay

And I’ll check the manual on the bi-amping part

Thx a lot

You can biamp simply by leaving the inbuilt amp on and then connecting an external power amp.

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I have a SuperUniti and added a NAP 300DR a couple of years ago. I have used it with the SU serving as the streamer pre into the 300 and on to the speakers as normal single amped and I have also tried it using both the SU amp and the 300 Bi amping my speakers.

For me Bi amping didn’t improve on the 300 on its own, it was a close thing but it may have reduced the clarity very slightly, or I may have just imagined this.

I currently run my system through the 300 single amped, but there is one BI amp permutation which I have yet to try, and that is to run the mids and highs from the 300 and the bass from the SU amp, that is to use the better amp for the detail rather than for its extra power in the bass.

If you have easy access to a 250 you could simply try it with your Uniti. I also think a 250DR improves on the amp in the Nova, I have tried this at dealers a couple of times.

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Thx Roog for the info.

My speakers have only 2 sets of posts at the rear so i think they are either running the tweeters and the mid + sub or the tweeters + mid and sub. Will need to figure that out and then see how to go about it.

Thx a lot guys for the info though.

It makes a difference anyway is what you guys are saying so then let me get it first. Then maybe I’ll take the time to try out the different options and see.


I have a uniti 2 and 250dr driving PMC twenty5 24’s; great uplift in drive and control when I added the 250, not that it was bad before, just that it is a worthwhile upgrade.


great just what i wanted to hear. Thx guys

I would give it a try. I have added a 250DR to my Nova and its a big upgrade, beats my old CDS3/252/300 stack. Well happy…

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It’s also future proof should you want to upgrade the uniti 2 at some point; at least that was my reasoning :grin:

I agree, I think it is a reasonable stepping stone to a more resolving system. Just be aware that Naim pre amps are expensive, although there is always the 272 and possibly its successor in the future to partner with your newly acquired 250. :0)

Thx so much guys for all your inputs. It is very clear the 200 is in itself a definite upgrade so that’s the way to go. Thx

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