Naim Unity Headphone vs New Naim Streamer

HI everyone - brand new user old Hi-Fi-er. Hundreds of years ago I used to sell Hi-Fi including Naim at a little place in Gloucester called Audio Excellence - if you remember it - shout me out. Talk to me about SBL’s and I will assure you I recall trying to seal the mid box to the bottom box and whilst I hated every second of that ‘you only have once chance to get it right’ process once done properly they were in many a pretty top end speaker for their day - if I have the space and time I will regale some more Hi-Fi stories but actually I for once have a question and hopefully some of you in the know will know.
Naim Unity Headphone edition has XLR outputs - if I go down this route and add a couple of Naim Nap 250’s (?) is this the best Naim route for the money? -Alternatively how much better is the new Classic Series Streamer - ie is it the same architecture inside as the say the Unity? I have no other kit other than a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum PL500II’s a rare beast of a speaker standing at over 1.8 metres and do not intend to change these. Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

I can’t answer large swathes of your question , bit under their skins the Uniti share a lot of commonality with the Classic.

Naim keep a lot of this under their hats, they like to be fairly discrete about this (pun intended)

Brought some of my Cyrus gear from them, bigger shout out to the Concord Cafe next door.

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I recall audio excellence - and was sad to see it go before I could buy anything when I moved back to the area. Interesting question; perhaps 2nd amps would be best value for money. I think that there is a thread about adding monoblocks to the Atom/HE, which talks about the many good things about the HE and what it has gained from other lines in the Naim universe.

Dave made the best bacon sandwiches in the higher end of Bristol Road Lower End of Southgate St for sure whilst simultaneously making the worst coffee!!! I also sold him some Epos speakers and some Heybrook ‘Oil Rig’ stands and possibly a Naim Nait I think.

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Thanks for the reply - I have read some threads but it is by no means definitive - I might just have try and see I suppose?

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You are right of course - I think it won’t hurt too much to try it and see - I will report back - thanks

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