Naim Vdac biampable?


I’ve got a combo of Vdac and Nap100. I recently got a new speaker with 91 db sensitivity, which put an idea of tube/naim combination into mind. Nap100 would have been connected to bass drivers and tube amp to mids and highs.

Is it possible for Vdac to supply signal to two power amps at the same time, since it has two outputs (regular and DIN)?? If not, could a simple Y splitter be used?
No external crossovers, gain would be adjusted only on tube amp (custom made for this aplication).

Thanks ahead!

I wouldn’t recommend mixing such different amps here.

What are the speakers?

May I ask for elaboration?
It’s a F3/Lyn audiovector from late 90ties. Three and a half way, to ported bass drivers and ‘compressive’ cabinet for mids and tweeter.

I would guess that both amps will be sharing the crossover, which doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. However, Ole Kliforth knows Naim well (used to be distributor in Denmark) so probably best to ask his advice here.

It depends on the perspective, I guess. Speakers have 6 terminals, one pair for each set of drivers. Connecting mids and tweeter separately on one amp wouldn’t share a circuit with bass drivers and second amp. Correct me if I’m wrong.


AFAIK that’s not active inputs but inputs for a tri-wirable passive crossover. I would want to get advice from the loudspeaker manufacturer before proceeding further here. Either way, mixing up such diverse amps like this is potentially asking for trouble, and that’s before you even consider how it might all sound…

Thanks for info, I’ll try to find a way to contact him before proceeding.

I’m still interested if there is a way to split the output signal from Vdac into two amps. It would be great if Vdac sends two preamp outputs at the same time, so I can just use both DIN out and regular cable out.

User manual states that using both RCA and DIN at the same time can degrade the sound quality. Is this depending on input impedance matching?
If only an RCA Y splitter is used, would there be any sound difference compared to RCA-DIN? In other words, are DIN and RCA outputs just connected in parallel inside the chassis?


Here’s the view inside. Black is the din, red is the rca sockets.
Are they internally connected? Perhaps. I cant tell, and not sure anyone outside the factory has intimate knowledge of the internal workings.
(Btw it’s the Dac V1. The vdac is from Musical Fidelity.)

The manual states don’t use them simultaneously.

“The DAC-V1 DIN and RCA phono socket options should not be connected or used simultaneously. No damage will occur through simultaneous use, however DAC-V1 audio performance will be degraded.”

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