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HELP ,please I’m an old newbie 62 new to Naim ,I’ve just ordered a used Naimuniti2 it will be hear today , I’m not new to hifi ,I’ve sold all my high ish end gear no room now I’ve moved to a small bungalow. I intend to use my unity2 at ( first for my CDs and streaming possibly spotify .) With my Sennheiser HD650 headphones and my Darkvoice 336se headphone amplifier , and then add cables speakers etc in the future ,do I need a nas or something similar to store my cds on ,and I want to put music so I can use it in my new car no bloody cd player in the car , thank you and amerry christmas to all


I have never bothered with NAS, I have a 3TB external hard drive attached to my MacBook Air and use Roon with my Nova which I purchased last month, replacing my of my old 1990’s gear. Still have my Denon universal player for Blu Ray’s and the odd CD listen (and Rega t/t for vinyl)

If you rip your CD’s to a hard drive you can also copy to USB drive or SD card for playing in your car.

Alternatively you can use a USB drive on your Atom and you can get a quality 256Gb drive for around £25 on Amazon

If you plan to rip your CDs then a nas is a good solution. It just sits there with no need for the computer to be switched on. There is loads of information on here about how to do it, which nas to get and what software to use. You can rip to flac for the hifi and do an MP3 copy for the car, or use flac if it will play them. It all depends what features your car has for playing music.

Spotify sounds pretty dreadful through the Hifi. Tidal is a lot better and there is a very cheap offer at the moment. You’ll need to connect your Uniti to your network with an ethernet cable for any of this to work properly.

Good luck and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Ok many thanks

Ok thank you very much

He hadn’t got an Atom. He’s got a Uniti2, which is a far better unit than an Atom, but an older design and it won’t read data from a HDD plugged into the USB port unfortunately.

I agree with HH about a NAS rather than a PC-based solution.



AOK no problem, thanks

TIDAL much better thanks

Thanks guys I have a Dell inspiron only 3gb but plenty to store all my cds and ripp and store to use in my 2019 citreon c4 grand spacetourer

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