Naim vs native Tidal

I use the native Tidal app on my phone and I can access tidal ‘masters’ which is intended to provide the highest clarity in streamed music. I believe this is the highest resolution available through Tidal.
However when I access Tidal via my Naim app to listen on my streamer(s) I can’t find or access the masters recordings.
Is this a Naim app issue vs the tidal native app? - I cant see the logic of using bluetooth to run from the phone into the streamer as I’m assuming sound will deteriorate through that medium.
Anyone help or know of a workaround to access the master recordings - I’m curious to hear them on a decent streamer.

There’s plenty of discussion on here regarding MQA if you do a search.
Naim doesn’t support MQA hence why you can’t see the ‘Masters’.

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IIUC Tidal “Masters” are packaged using the MQA encoded compression protocol, which is not bit-perfect so the decoded file is not identical to the original hi res recording. Some people have said the result sounds better to them than the original, others have reported the reverse, so preference would seem to be a matter of taste. MQA is a proprietary protocol, usable only under licence, and for full decoding (they call it “unfolding” an MQA compatible DAC is required, regardless of the rendering software used. Naim is not alone in its DACs not being MQA enabled (e.g Chord’s DACs, which go for maximum fidelity rather than pandering to what seems to be a commercial gimmick).

If you want to know more, as @Guinnless indicated there has been much discussion on this forum, - the search tool is your friend, as they say.


When playing from the tidal app through a naim streamer, is the music transferred from phone to streamer over bluetooth or is it just the instructions (like a remote control) and the actually music is being downloaded and processed through the Naim streamer?

The stream is routed from Tidal servers to your router, and from there to your streamer directly over your home network. The app is just a remote control and is not part of the signal path.

fabulous explanatory response - thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks to all with responses - I’m checking through past queries on this as suggested. I think the gist of it is that it’s not worth worrying about and that the Naim Tidal path is as good sound wise in any event. Appreciate the feedback.
Thanks - issue closed.

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