Naim vs Sonos Amp driving Maggie LRS

Don’t beat me up for this question… :wink:
I am on a temporary assignment, so my Mac system which I love is at home. I am trying to set up a “less expensive” but reasonable system here…
I have the BlueNode - and love it for the available sources of music. It is going into the Naim Atom at the moment, driving the primary listening room…
I have the newer Sonos Amp for multi room sound,
I added the Naim Atom for primary listening with some Revox Prestige 140s, but they have to go.
So thinking of replacing them with the new Magnepan LRS speakers. BUT I read that they need a bit more than 40w… so I am wondering about chaining, with the Sonos driving the speakers (as well as satellite Move)
Any thoughts?

When you say “chaining” do you mean running the Atom into a Sonos amp?

I guess without knowing the speakers or the quality of the Sonos amp, it’s hard to say if that’s a good idea. Maybe start out with the Atom and see how you go, or choose one of many more suitable speakers for the Atom and enjoy that.

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