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Sorry if this a dim topic. But I can’t find any setup info on this service. On the app it mentions visit and sign up using ID 123456789 etc.

Also it mentions setup using MAC address, both this and the other login says I’m not recognised. Can someone point me to an instruction place or suggest somewhere to look?

I can’t get past this start page

Why do you need to access vTuner this way, its available a lot easier from your ND5 steamer using the Naim app(s) - iRadio is vTuner

Hey Mike thanks, it’s for my Muso2 :sunglasses:

I think what Mike means is, why do you need to log into vTuner at all. If you navigate around the iRadio input, most stations will be listed there, although it can take a little searching. Once found, the stations can be saved as favourites on the app to make it easy to return to them in future.
You only need to log into vTuner if you want to listen to a station that isn’t already listed, and want to save its URL so that you can add it to the list.

Yes, & all wot Chris sez

vTuner could be helpful as a better interface to search and organise favourite radio stations … if only it was not a complete piece of junk.

Not only does it look like a website written in the '90s but the process of adding stations is utterly complex at best (why are ALL fields mandatory?) and its integration with the Naim app is a joke (what you add there doesn’t show in the presets but in the “Added” section).

I’ve been using the app for only 2 days, after the recent purchase of a used NAC-N 272 and I can’t stop being stunned by its lame quality.

Naim engineers are obviously better at crafting audio equipment than at writing code.

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