Naim Warranty

Could someone please quantify how I understand the terms of the warranty -

  • First two years it is transferrable, begins from product registration.
  • Years three to five are obtained on registration of product, this is not transferrable.
    I know that there is information about the warranty on here but I have encountered another opinion shall we say.
    Also if the item is not registered with Naim what is the assumed start of it, I guess the purchase receipt obtained from the dealer.
    Finally if the item is registered and is thus covered by five year warranty, but is sold during this time by the original purchaser but then develops a fault for the person buying it does Naim check the person sending it in for repair against the original registration.

I assume this is the warranty within the UK?

In which case, see here;

Note warranty starts from the date of purchase (warranty contract is made between Naim retailer and customer - think in terms of Naim as underwriter).

If you have any queries on this then best to contact Naim Audio directly on

Thanks, have done so.

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