Naim Website First to Hear 8.5.2019

…any idea what’s coming?..guess not Winter:-)


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I entered my email address, to be told I would be contacted on 8th May.

my guess as well…

Oooh! I would imagine the 272.2 or 372 as mentioned.


in theory…372 = NDX2 niveau + 282 or better?

A 500 series DAC would be nice.

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This thread should have reached about 300 pages of pure speculation by then, just to be informed it’s another limited edition Muso :thinking:

I’d put money on the 272 replacement or the long awaited cassette deck …


Or a new turntable :laughing:

Exciting times. I literally got a NDX2 and SN2 today,so won’t be going 372. I figured in any event that the NDX2 would be a better source.


Not unless it costs £10k :grinning:

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Based on the look of the logo in the teaser i guess its something in design like the Uniti line. Maybe the next iteration of the 272 will be a Uniti-like product with a matching poweramp.


This urgency to get IOS and Android app updates out suggests that it’s because they are needed to be able to control something new.

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A new classic system server to compete with Melco et al, my wish. Almost certainly the fabled 372.

Mu-so for JCB.

“372” would be an odd model designation wouldn’t it? There are no other 3xx’s right?

If Naim believe it’s truly at the 500 level, they’ll start the model with a 5 I would think. If not . . . I guess it could be a 372. Or a 292. Or a Super-dooper-Uniti-Pro-XL5.

It would be nice at some point if @charliehenderson could give his thoughts on Naim going forward now he has had several months in charge. He should be approaching Statement in his home system by now…as he was going to try out the complete range? Thoughts Charlie😁


Historically an upgraded model got a -5 (admittedly we’re going back 30 or so years to the 32-5, 42-5), or for the 250 in 2002 a -2 suffix to show it was part of the 2 series (calling it 2250 would have implied that the power rating was 1KW a side).
A 272 replacement with the new streaming board is a bigger change than I think would warrant the old -5 suffix, but the prefix 3 would as you suggest normally mean be in a non-existent 3 series.
The 272 was already a bit of an anomaly in the numbering, 282/252 etc were clearly next-generation 82/52 pre-amps, the 272 was not a direct uplift of the 72 as it was a streamer-pre rather than a pre.

The white circle looks reminds me of the controller dial on the Muso, Uniti and Statement ranges. A new Muso would be too small an event for this hype and the Uniti range does not need updating.

This leaves me with three guesses: i) a Statement streamer, the ND S1, ii) a replacement for the 272 that has the appearance of the Uniti range along with a matching power amp or iii) the entire Classic range is being updated to fit the look of the Muso, Uniti and Statement ranges.