Naim website on iPad OS Safari is broken

I mostly visit web sites using Safari on a 2018 iPad Pro 11 with all the latest iPad OS uodates.

On the Naim website I cannot view the product pages for any of the Uniti line. I can see everything else; classic line, etc., but the product pages for Uniti come up as blank screens. The Chrome app for iPad seems to work, but I don’t want to have to switch browsers to see the Uniti pages.

I checked on mine and it looked okay.

Brilliant! It must be a joke that the ‘uniti’ pages are broken.

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Probably making way for the 272.2 reveal…

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I’ve checked here on my iPhone with Safari and on a MacBook with Safari and the site and Uniti pages all look fine.

I’ll dig out my iPad later and try that too.

Looks ok to me. (iPad Pro.9,7”, IOS 13,5, Safari)

Is there anything specific I should be looking for?

All good with iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro (all with latest Software updates) - think you may have an issue your end!

All OK for me on iPadOS & iOS phone all on 13.5

Try clearing your browsing history or rebooting the iPad.

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I have same iPad as you, and all looking good;

ATB. George.

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OK. Thanks everyone. I’ll look into issues on my end.

Edit: it was Purify content blocker causing it. I’ve deleted that and now it works fine. Sorry for the trouble. I should have investigated that first.

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