Naim XS 2 - a big "thump" AFTER the usual "thump", now not working


Yesterday I hade a real tragic when I was about to listen to some music. I have my amp turned off when I’m not listening so I turned the amp on and the usual “thump” sounded out aloud but immediately another louder “thump” came out from the amp. The logo and inputs lit up but not the volume knob and the mute button where active. I pressed the mute button and everything went black except the logo…

I have turned the amp off, checked the fuse (looks like new), turned it back on but with no sucess.

I have and pro-ject turntable amp connected to the xs 2 and the speakers, not other electronics.

Anyone have some idea what could have happened? Is it dead? =(

With the power off, check the link plug is firmly seated on the XS2 (pull it out and then plug back in).


Thanks! Will try this later tonight and report back!

Yup, I second James’ suggestion of checking the link plug. While switched off, I would remove it and then re-plug it. Then switch back on.

To bad, didn’t work. I will call the store I bought it from and ask for advice.

Thanks for the tip!

Does the logo still come on?

Worth a try anyway. It sounds like there might be an issue with the internal preamp supply as it looks like your amp may be thinking you want to use it in power amp mode (does the mute button flash when you turn it on ?).

A trip back to the dealer and then possibly to Naim is in order :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes the logo comes on.

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Yeah, some of the times when I turned it on the mute button flashed. I have talked to the store and I will send it to the import place here in Sweden for a initial check-up. Maybe they can fix it or the amp need to go back to UK.

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I wonder if inadvertently it’s in soak mode. @NeilS should be able to confirm how to undo that.

It doesn’t sound like soak mode though? Here’s a link to a previous post about it, volume should be cycling assuming the mode is the same between the models:

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It doesn’t sound like soak mode, although it might be interesting to see whether it will go into soak mode. I wonder whether @NeilS has any ideas here on what the issue might be…

Yes, definitely not soak mode.

Well worth swapping out the link plug though, it’s where I would start looking if the unit were on the bench exhibiting those unusual symptoms. Sounds like the preamp power supply is intermittent/unstable.


Edit: soak mode begins with all the lights on, the inputs then chase along & back, followed by the volume pot driving end to end.


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