Naim xs vs naim 5si faillure

hi dear Naim fanatics.
I have a problem with my naim set.
I was on vacation for a week and the naim set was removed from the power.
Now that I wanted to start the set again, there was no more noise.
I tried to reset the CD player with the ab display, and set it to 00, but somehow I can’t get the set to play anymore, also the cooperation between the player and the xs amplifier does not work, the set went back to normal, always have trouble with the naim ab, does anyone have a manual for this?
Greetings thomas.

Thomas, are you connected via the Naim DIN interconnect or via an RCA Phono cable? If the latter then both units may have returned to default settings. I would check your socket assignments for both the CD5Si and the NAIT xs.

Manuals can be downloaded from the Naim website; just scroll down to the support section at the bottom of the product page;

p.s. I have translated your post. Please ensure your posts here are made in the English language, as per forum rules. Google translate can assist you here.

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