NAIM XS2 as Power Amplfier

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How do you connect a separate pre-amplifier to the XS2 i.e. using the XS2 as a Power Amplifier. The Manual states it DIN carrier 24V as well, the ch1/2 is the easy part but wat should be connected for ground -ve? Want to avoid blowing the pre-amp :slight_smile:

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From the manual;

Note: When an external preamplifier is connected to
the Nait XS 2 power-amp in socket, a fault will initially be
indicated by the Nait XS 2 mute button flashing. To clear
the fault, press and hold the flashing mute button. This will
un-mute the amplifier and turn off the display and volume

Note: The power amp in socket carries a 24V DC power
supply output intended for Naim preamplifiers that require
an external power supply.

Solved - fortune favors the brave used -ve and works perfect.

Mute button flashes but as per manual keep in till all lights dim

All working perfectly now.

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Glad you have solved it. Which pre have you gone for?

Sad story - a week back my xs2 started crackling on one speaker early one morning waking us up - when i removed the bridge connector all went quite so pre amp is not well - had a project audio digital pre and using that for now till i can send in for repair once covid lockdown is over - no real impact as only ever used av in ht bypass and one analog in for my vinyl.

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