Naim XS2 + Chord Qutest dac + What cables are the best?

Hi, My first post…

I would like to know your opinions… RCA cables under 500 USD. Thanks for your input.

Hi, just to be clear, I presume you have a Nait XS2, as opposed to an ND5XS2.
You might also want to consider whether it’s better to use a DIN plug at the amp end rather than RCA, as Naim generally recommend ising DIN wherever possible. Still, I’m sure a quality RCA cable would be fine too.
If you want a Naim cable it would be the HiLine, which is a great cable. Lots of alternatives out there though.

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I used the HiLine to connect a SN2 to a Qutest and it was really good. I used a Flashback adapter to convert on Din to the RCA for the Qutest. You should be able to pick a pre loved one for half retail as well.

Yes, the price of the Hiline has crept up over the years, but a used one might be within budget for the OP. Finding one with RCA both ends might be a challenge, but RCA to DIN versions would be a good option.

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