Naim XS2 front Panel

Hi everyone,
I am new to Naim and to this forum. Just acqured my 1st Naim equipment yesterday which is a Naim XS2 amplifier.
When I closely monitor the unit I realied that the front pannel ( with volume and input selectors) is misaligned. It is tilted forward on the bottom and tilled backwards from top.
It this normal? I have used many hifi equipment in the past and this is the 1st time I came across this. I have used Rega, Rotel, Arcam etc in the past.
I was expecting everything to be perfect given it’s a expensive unit.
Your thoughts and similar experiences are appreciated.

Can you post a picture?
I hope you didn’t bought it on Alibaba :smiley:

Is this a brand new amp?

There are a number of adjustments to make to properly align the 5 series case. Lots of vibration in transit could possibly slightly loosen the top alignment screw (it screws into soft magnesium zinc alloy so can’t be tightened too much) and then the tight foam inserts push on it to give what you’ve described. If that’s the case then it should be relatively easy to rectify by your dealer. Did they check it over before install? Either way, you should let your supplying know.

Thanks for your reply
Definitely not purchased from Alibaba!
Its 2019 manufactured unit. Serial no is 456804
But pre owned. Unit is in mint condition.
It’s out by few millimeters, but noticeable…
See pictures…hope you can notice if I have to take few pictures with good day light

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply…
I purchased it privately, but it’s a 2019 manufactured unit with very little use. Everything is in mint condition. Only issue is this slight visual issue…
I will see what I can do as per your instructions. I attached few pictures FYI. I hope you can see the issue.

Yes, I see. It looks like it has been pushed in slightly, possibly from what I described above . A relatively easy fix which could be done by a Naim dealer or even yourself if you’re very careful. There’s a small hole on the chassis (usually plugged with a round plastic cover) which allows you access to the screw that holds the top of the fascia to the cover. You need to loosen this slightly, align the facia (you may need to make a makeshift spacer to do this properly), then VERY carefully tighten. Do NOT - repeat DO NOT - over tighten, as you will then put a dimple in the cover or worse, break through the cover, or break off the edge of the casting that the bolts screws into. As for the screw itself, I think Naim changed this at some point and may well be a Torx type, but perhaps @NeilS can confirm the type and size used on the XS2.

p.s. obviously ensure the amp has been powered down when you do this.

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Can it be a shipping accident? If yes, is it careful to accept it?
No risk of internal damage that may not appear on first listenings ?

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Hi Richard, it’s a T10 Torx head screw that secures the fascia to the top cover.


You are correct - it used to be a posidrive, but a 2019 unit will be Torx.

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Excellent, thanks Neil.

Thanks very much Richard. I will have a look…it will have to be me…I am generally good with electronics etc. I used to open and clean my amplifiers time to time. Your advice is very useful as these units are not that straight forward in terms of screws etc.
I will update once its done.

Great response there from the forum for a new member. And we all learnt a thing or two!
I do remember my dealer playing with the hidden screw on my cd5si when I bought it. He was hoping the puck was inside, it wasn’t!

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Thanks for the update Neil. Cheers

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