Naim XS2 using voltage regulator for UK to US voltage

I found a pretty good deal on an XS2 integrated locally, but unfortunately it’s a 230 UK voltage model and I’m in the US. The seller he uses it with a voltage regulator that he’ll include and has no issues. Is this possible? I assume it’s possible to convert using a regulator but imagine there may be some loss in sound quality?

I’m still tempted to purchase it and have the conversion done at avoptions. Is this a model that can be converted by just the change in wires, or does it require a transformer?


Answer is on the AV Options web site

I though some houses in the US also have 240v where they effectively link together two 110V phases - professionally done course

Against the building code and I’m sure there aren’t too many licensed electricians would even entertain putting in a 220 volt line in for a audio system
It’s hard enough getting them to run a 20 amp line unless it’s on a GFI type outlet

Simpler in fact. Believe it or not voltage coming into US houses is 230v (yup true) with a center tap to earth to split the phase and deliver just half and leave circuits with 115v. Getting a 230v circuit is usually as simple as getting a breaker switch that spans both phase rails and ensuring the wiring from there is suitably rated. That’s how aircon circuits work. You can literally go to a hardware store, get a 230v breaker switch, plug it into your CU and get a 230v circuit.

But sending the amp to be modded for 115 is by far simpler.

Again with out upping the wire gauge to match the building code it would be considered a fire hazard
With most 230 volt circuits in North America require 3 wire line , remember in North America we have twice the amperage our 115 volt lines are 15 amp and our 230 volt ( stove lines ) are 30 amp.
You can not just change the breaker.
OP please consult a licensed electrician if you plan on attempting.

I did mention this.

Either way, the amp can be converted by the distributor.

No harm meant
Wanted to make it clear to the OP

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Thanks everyone. Don’t worry, I live in a brooklyn rental apartment and I don’t intend to do anything with the wiring. The supposed seller said he had some sort of step up regulator, though, I kind of doubt it. It turns out the whole thing may have been a scam anyways and not actually available so I won’t be messing with it anyways. I have been shopping used Naim gear and see some UK versions come up from time to time so it’s good to know that the real way is to just send it to get rewired.


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