Naim XS2

I’ve seen some offers on this amplifier with a good discount. I’m looking for an opinion of those that have experienced using this amplifier and compared with other amplifiers.
Also how would the XS2 characteristics be described, eg neutral, bright or warmer/richer sounding.
Can this amplifier provide good soundstage in comparison with other amplifiers.
I have a flatcap 2x which I use for my CD5X, so this could also be used for the XS2, would the XS2 benefit from this

What amp are you using now?

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At present I’m using a Heed Obelisk Mk2. They are driving a pair of Rega RX3 speakers. For the 35 watts they produce they drive them effortlessly, I think the RX3’s are 6 ohm speakers.
I do have a pair of Reference 3A Dulcet stand mounts which I think would benefit from a more powerful amplifier.

I used an XS2 with my Reference 3A Veena speakers for a while.
I found them to be a great match, along with Ndac and Unitiserve source. A cracking little amp.

I didn’t notice any short comings, being a fine all rounder with only some congestion in the upper bass/ lower midrange at very high volumes.
Within its wide comfort zone was an articulate musicality that gave me confidence to explore new music.
Before that I had an Exposure 3010. This was a similarly great amp, but found the XS2 better - being slightly darker yet more focused and brightly lit - if that makes sense.
I remember there was some confusion over the XS2 due to some changes made whilst still having the same designation. I had one around 2014 with some internal tweaks over the first one, with the little socket at the front being an auxiliary input for an iPod. There was another one a little later that changed that socket as an input for a headphone stage. Although I may be mistaken.


Yes, there was the original XS, then a revised XS-2, then the full update to XS2.

I think I read that the XS-2 were still marked XS in the rear, but the boxes showed XS-2.

I think @Richard.Dane mentioned this or similar some while ago.

Yes, the XS-2 (marked that way on the outer packaging) was a fascia update (from the magnesium zinc casting to an anodised aluminium fascia) for the original NAIT XS. The XS2 was a new model (look for the 1/4" headphone jack on the front).

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