Naim XS3 or SN3 and which speakers?


Been reading some helpful posts on here and hope to benefit from your collective experience!

I’m looking to replace my ten year old Naim 5 and Monitor Audio GX50 speakers with potentially an XS3 / SN3 amplifier and Monitor Audio gold 100 speakers (looking for speakers which visually and space wise don’t stand out too much - i.e. work very well without making a big “I’m a speaker” statement: white/cream finish also a big plus). I could get a Flatcap XS one day as an upgrade, but not sure how much that improves the XS3 and SN3 respectively.

Currently, I also have a Russ Andrews DAC-1, Audiolabs transport 6000CDT and a Project turntable with Project Tube Box II.

Although I don’t play records as often as before, I’m also interested how the phono stage of these recent amplifiers compare.

System will mainly be used for cds and avoiding the TV speakers by using an optical cable to the DAC. Varied musical tastes in our house so looking for an all rounder solution that sounds great. I feel that the GX50 speakers work well with the Naim 5, but maybe a little warm.

Any recommendations and experiences with these components gratefully received. Thanks!

NEAT Motive SX2?


ATC 7, 11, 19 or ProAc D2 or other response models available in white. I ran a pair of D2’s with an XS 2 and SN 2.


Thanks - will look at those. Any suggestions as to whether to go for the XS3 or SN3 and if it’s worth it with these speakers and current sources?

Jason as mentioned I have owned both the XS 2 and SN 2. My current configurations is: NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS. I have approximately 2000 cd’s on my NAS and also use Qobuz currently for my streaming service along with occasional internet radio from the NDX2.

I believe you would enjoy either the XS 3 or SN 3 and recommend you go to a dealer and have a in-store demo. Then ask to take one or the other home for a in-house demo. I live the US and at the time my dealer was open at the beginning of the year he never had a XS 3 or SN 3 on the floor to demo. All the inventory that came in was pre-ordered. Since the Covid outbreak I have not been to the dealer so have not personally heard the XS 3 or SN 3. I have however heard the ATC speakers with a SN 2 in the dealer showroom and also the ProAc D2’s with my XS 2 and SN 2 at home as well as the ProAc D30RS speakers at the dealer and currently at home with my SN2.

I can not address your sources since I have not owned any of them in the past.

Everything does get subjected with hi-fi, i.e., room, system configuration, and ones own hearing. So for best results after taking advice/recommendations is find a dealer who can demo equipment in the shop and then arrange for a home demo. Dealers will work with you allowing you to bring in your source and speakers if you want to go that route.

Enjoy the journey and good luck with your decisions…


@Jason2020 for your speaker search have a look at the Harbeth speaker lineup. Beautiful sound from a traditional looking speaker. Certainly have a listen.

No white Harbeths.

Does anyone know but is the XS3 preamp non DR and the SN3 preamp DR?

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Worth a look at Naim’s product pages.

Google Naim Audio. Choose Products. Then Amplifiers.

Yep. I did it’s pretty vague that’s why I asked the forum.

The Supernait 3 uses a DR regulator for the pre-amp supply, whereas the NAIT XS3 uses Naim’s old-style (selected LM317?) regulation.


The PMC twenty5 range now come with a white silk finish option. PMC work really well with Naim ( have a search on the forum). If you are interested you could audition the 25.21i as a bookshelf option or the 25.23i if you fancy a floorstander. As for XS3 or SN3 - both are great. Go and have a listen and see which you prefer. Good luck!


I have xs3 and am very pleased with it and it has very good phono stage . The sn3 should be even better but demo is only way you’ll truly find out. I am posting though because I’m currently auditioning new speakers. The Neat sx2 are an excellent speaker but unfortunately didn’t work out for me and my room. Next up is Spendor A2 or A4. When I bought the amp the dealer used pmc twenty 5.23 and they sounded perfect together. They seem over the top for my relatively small room and they are certainly more expensive than I want to pay but if all else fails it would be silly not to try home demo.

Try the A4’s, I had them with a Nova and it worked well, they’re a nice speaker

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The fact you’ve gone up to A7 with sn3 good endorsement. Whether they go with my room with close rear wall proximity :crossed_fingers:

They are rear ported but certainly worth a try

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Well for most of last week we had a system playing NDX 2 > SuperNait 3/HiCap DR > curved SCM11’s and then until yesterday afternoon NDX 2 > Nait XS3/HiCap DR > curved SCM11’s. Great match. The systems just rocked :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, to the OP the 5G Gold 100’s also pair well with the Nait XS 3 and the SuperNait 3 :+1:

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Thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions - I’ve started looking into the speaker options.

Going in to a store and getting a demo / taking kit back to try at home seems to the way forward but maybe a bit tricky in these Covid times - will see.

Supernait 3 gets amazing reviews but seems so much more expensive that the MA Gold 100’s, so I wonder if this combination is not too one sided?

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The ATC SCM19’s seem good for example…


Fully deserved. Top drawer amp :+1: