Naim 🎶

Just like to say thanx to the naim community for all there help to this naim nubie I went from other brand integrated n separates… N then heard n bought my first naim equipment supernait 2 hicap stageline n another hicap… Was hooked… Like a junkie within 6 months I had relegated that system to my bedroom… And went 252 supercap dr and 300 Dr… I had a few issues which u guys helped me out with which is greatly appreciated… And now I just sit back and enjoy the music no more listening to pinpointing in the soundstage… As sum ppl have said naim do do that but u get awsum soundstage and see what’s going on… All through the sopra 2… Thanks again community enjoying the ride and the tunes… And all the info and help


I’ll second that. The response to my end of my tether thread was phenomenal and played a big part in lifting my spirits to the point where I’ve now a plan of action.


Yep I was following Ur story… Good when it all comes together tho :wink:

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