I have recently acquired a fairly new 552DR and a NAP500DR. My source is just a turntable. There is a phonostage and I have connected the phonostage to the preamp with a 5pin DIN connector to the preamp… I couldn’t get a signal at all with this. I therefore changed this to a phono plug connector instead of the DIN but still can’t get a signal going through. I have checked all the connections and they seem pretty much in order. Any thoughts as to why this should happen.
I don’t use any other source apart from the turntable.

When my dealer installed my 552dr/500 dr i watched on as he used one of the remote controls and a bit of fiddling at the back to program the inputs. Probably in the manual but mine is boxed in our loft…this could be your problem. Hopefully somebody who has done this themselves can advise.

Is the phono stage directional?, and what connection to the 552, I would try on Aux 2 if not already

This might be an input mapping issue, especially on phono. Aux2 would be my choice using Din. What deck and phono stage are you using?

Am using the Roksan TMS with Tom Evans the groove as phono stage. It worked perfectly well with my previous 552 but non DR partnered with a NAP 300DR.

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If the 552 is like my 252, both cd input and aux2 input can be programmed to either be a RCA-input OR a DIN-input. They cannot be both, so you have to make sure they are programmed accordingly to your use.

On the 252 you program the input by pressing your remote: pre → hold «prog» for 3 sec.

Hold «1» to alter cd input between DIN and RCA
Hold «6» to alter aux2 input between DIN and RCA

The input button will flash 1 or 3 times depending on which setting you choose but I do not remember which is which.

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Seems odd. Have you tried the Tuner DIN input which is non-switchable and therefore should work without any fiddling about. If that is lifeless too maybe its one of the other connections - pre to power, or 500 head unit to power amp.

Also - the aux2 DIN input provides power to the phono stage - so if your phono stage already has a PSU maybe it could be damaged if connected to aux2?

(This is just my speculation).

Good point about the 552PS to 500 DIN to XLR cables as these are mono in wiring and handed (marked with red and green bands). No sound if connected the ‘wrong’ way round. We’ve all done it🙄

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The 552 goes beyond the 252 by being able to map all the rear DIN inputs to any front button. However, the AUX, AV and TAPE still retain special customisation (Power to Phonostage and max volume as source required to control volume). It’s a bit of a fiddle having to read the manual. In Prog mode the rear input selected lights up, I vaguely remember. It threw me. You can always just select each input until you hear something. Failing that it could the DIN to XLR.




When you select an input on the 552, a little green light briefly illuminates on the rear of the unit to indicate which socket that input is mapped to. If the little green light illuminates on the socket you’re plugged into, you’re half way there. It’s then a matter of ensuring that socket is mapped to DIN rather than one of the rca inputs if I remember correctly.

Hi everyone
All sorted. It was just a question of changing the channel leads from the NAP500 to the NAC 52.@, right lead to right channel and the left lead to the left channel.
Thank you everyone for your replies. Now to just enjoy the music.


I never got the point of such complication. Call me lazy but for me is much more convenient and hassle free without such useless feature.

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