Naiming Muso!

This really shouldn’t be happening.

It NEVER happened on previous software.

Considering the price of the product, it should be flawless.

You might want to discuss that point of view with Apple then…

It’s got nothing to do with Apple.

I don’t use Apple Home kit.

It hasn’t worked properly since the last app update.

I’m on the latest app and my two Qbs are fine.

Hi Steve,

I think you might of cracked it! Bless you.

I didn’t realise that sometime in the past i had used Apple Home. I went into the App and saw the Muso’s in there. I have deleted everything in there so nothing exists in Apple Home.
I have renamed Muso’s and so far so good. I will report back. A big thank you to you for taking the time and trouble to help me with this, great support.

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I have noticed that the App and Muso’s are far quicker finding each other than when Apple home was in the loop…bizarre. Almost instantly!

Hi @Dusty

Glad that did the trick. It’s a little quirk of Apple Home and something that can be easily overlooked.

@jasons6930 - Product name not changing is not a known bug and changing device name is a certifiable test by Apple, Spotify and many others, so a well tested path. Based on the way the product works it only has one area to store the name, so once its been changed, the old one is lost for ever. Some other app running on the network has to be changing it back again.

What I would propose is go to the products webpage on your computers web browser and change the name from there (see screenshot below as an example - so enter new name and click on the ‘enter’ link). That then goes straight to the product and will ensure the new name is set. If it’s still returning back to an old name let me know.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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