Naims 5 pole din plug


What brand 5 pole din plug did Naim use, any advise?

They are from Preh.

The locking collar types are, as James correctly states above, from Preh.

The earlier latching types are from Deltron.

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Well noted. Thank you so much > James , Richard

Hi Richard,

Thank you again for information regarding the din plug, and I have it finally.

Would you please advise the wiring of din > RCA

please indicate , I only know the middle pin is for ground( correct me if I am wrong).

For Play in to a pre-amp or out from a source you need to connect Pins 1, 4 and 2.

This picture on the back of the pre-amp should help;

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Just don’t wire it mirror image like I did the first time!

That’s very kind of you :smile:
What a great photo for me to follow!

If you look at the back of your Naim box you will see exactly the same information that you need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hang on… Next we will be telling the OP to read the instructions… :crazy_face:

I nearly added that it would be in the manual too, but I don’t like to labour the point too much!

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After break in for almost 5 days, the SQ improves in silent background, more solid.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

A very British trait.
Another example of thinking its quicker to post on a forum and ask than to look in a manual or research on the net.

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