Naims Choice IRadio Fip

There is a problem with Fip 192kb/s Naims Choice station stream. I have reset my app and Muso, but the stream keeps dropping out or is very slow to load and then is intermittent.
There must be a problem with Vtuner as other stations work fine.
Listening to Fip is what I mainly use my Muso for so any help to get the stream back to 100% would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

Just tried it, and Fip is working fine here.

Hi @Gus,

We’ve taken a look and it all seems to be working fine. The stream doesn’t come from VTuner - they just send back a URL to the FIP server for the product to play. In this case:

I suspect the issue is a short term network issue between your ISP and their servers.
If in doubt a reboot of your house wifi router may be worth doing, just in case it’s having iisues.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Listening actually to Fip, through Nds. All fine. But I prefer the past presentation of the App.

I like the native Fip app better too, I stream it with Bluetooth and it works well like that. I think the problem I had with my Muso dropping out the stream is because of a fault with my ISP. I asked BT to check my broadband and they have found a fault on the line.

Listening FIP via FM. No dropouts.

I apologie for that one.

Fip doesn’t work at my home with an Fm radio. Or I would need a monster antenna.

It was just a joke. I know that outside France streaming is needed.

But still… A good FM receiver is better than streaming. Yet.

I hope some day streaming will catch up as did Qobuz, Tidal et al. Compared to CD.

I would love to to listen to some RAI or BBC classic stations in high resolution.

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I think it’s worth experimenting with FLAC for those iRadio stations that support it. The Radio Paradise FLAC stations now sound pretty good, if they suit your taste in music, and are supported by the current Naim streamers.

I know you have a Magnum Dynalab and a lot of voodoo statuettes too…:laughing:
If I were listening a lot to radio, I would took your way. I am aware a good Fm tuner sounds better. But to discover some albums, specially the “ Jazz à Fip « between 7 and 8pm , having it on my app is fun. And the sound is at Tidal level.

That’s right. FIP was/is centered on Paris and large cities.

And Jazz à FIP is a real treat.

I wonder why while we can get high resolution streaming for records but not for radio stations. Are there technical or legal limitations?

The Radio Paradise stations do sound superb, and they don’t drop out either! The sound is right up there, Fip a Jazz can sound very good through Muso as well …Ive wondered why full HD radio streaming is not possible too.

Regarding the fault, Bt have fixed it, I’ve come to the conclusion the App is the problem. Its all over the place looking for Muso, and the Fip stations do seem to be ones that are dropping out still. Its frustrating and disappointing.

Update, Uprgraded BT to Complete Wi Fi and a new router, Home Hub 2.
So far the problems I was having with the app and i Radio droppping out has been sorted. Oh Mercy…You do really need a Very GOOD BROADBAND for music streaming for MUSO…
Sorry to doubt NAIM

I don’t think it’s ever quite as simple as that. My 4.5MB ADSL service is arguably not fit for purpose, and unarguably not worth the money I have to pay to get it. Yet I can reliably stream lossless audio at 16/44.1 and even a lot of Qobuz 24 bit material with it. If it occasionally doesn’t work, it’s either because a corroded connection in a long neglected junction box has finally failed due to negligence, or because some config that I shouldn’t need to even understand has been ****ed up by my ISP or other service provider.
So I don’t agree that you need a ‘very good’ broadband service to accomplish the relatively trivial task of streaming music. You just need one that’s adequate, as oposed to one that was designed in the 1920s and installed in the 1970s for the purpose of making voice calls.

Well it seems I might have spoken a bit soon anyway. The broadband upgrade has not completely sorted out the occasional dropping out of iradio issue. Its an improvement from before, but then again it worked fine for 12 months with the previous router. I will monitor it. The app is definitely responding better which is great.

Final Update
Buffering - signal strength from 0% / 100%- is the cause of dropping out - there’s nothing else I can do - apart from try Muso v2
Thank you


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