Naimuniti 2 and Klipsch r100 sw subwoofer

Thanks to the members who responded to my query re installation. I went with a pair of RCA cables from line out to the subwoofer. As for placement of the sw I went with the advice of Paul of PS Audio, and others, of placing the sw in the listening position and then moving around the room myself to locate the best bass response. I think I now have it in the best position given the limitations of practicality and the awkward shape of the room - rectangular with wall and window along one side, and opening out to a hall on the opposite side. What has surprised me is the different bass response in recordings, newer vinyl and CD’s have a more well-defined, controlled bass while older recordings can be muddy or over-bassed. I have set the crossover at the recommended level, and find myself adjusting gain for different recordings. Aside from this, I am really impressed with the sound - the sw fills out the picture, as it were. My speakers are Castle Howard S3’s approx. 25 to 30 years old now. Bit bemused by the dab, fm, and iradio from the Uniti2 - the sw is wildly deafening and basically unplayable with these. Any ideas?

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