Naimuniti2 subwoofer connection

Hi everyone, I’m currently considering adding a Klipsch r100sw subwoofer to my set-up. The sw input has 2 female RCA connections. Is the best way forward a Y 1RCA male to 2RCA male cable connected to the SUB1 on the Uniti2? Sorry if my question seems a bit basic but I want to get the best result, and avoid any damage and resultant cost. Just spent £330 on some repairs to the Uniti2! Thanks in advance.

You need a pair of phono leads so that you get both left and right from the Uniti. Make sure the wire is a sub lead with the appropriate resistor.

The sub out on the Uniti is also 2 RCA so as HH says, you just need a regular stereo RCA cable. A DIN to RCA from the Uniti pre out would also work.
Maybe worth checking with Naim about what length cable the Uniti preamp can drive, and whether or not it needs to be ‘slugged’ with a resistor, depending on the length of cable you need.

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