NaimUniti2 Upgrade

Considering upgrade to my Uniti2 what path to take, Power Supply or other suggestions welcome.

You can’t add a power supply to a Uniti 2. You could think about a pre-loved SuperUniti. If you want the new streamers capability then you could add an ND5 XS2 to your Uniti2. It all depends what you want to spend and how you intend to use it.

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Easy. Trade it on a Nova.

Thank you David for your prompt response to my query and for confirming my question regarding power supply.
At the moment I am streaming Tidal through Chrome Cast Audio and will consider your suggestion to add an ND5 XS2.
Upgrade expenditure may be directed to my LP12.

There is some debate about the Chromecast Audio dongle. Assuming you have connected it via digital rather than analogue to your Uniti2, then in my experience of using it with SuperUniti, the results are superb. But some others think it is unlistenable. In any case if you are happy with it, then spending £2K on a ND5 XS2 is probably not a sensible priority, nor spending a lot more than that to upgrade to a Nova come to that.

Anyway good luck in your search.



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