Nain Atom with which speakers

Hi all; Really appreciate some help. I’ve got a Naim QB in my kitchen and am duly impressed with it. Im planning on getting an Atom for the lounge but space for the speakers is limited. Today I listened to B&W 704s (£2000 worth) as well the PSB mini’s at £400 (discounted form £600 apparently. I admit the B&W sounded better; but budget wise what do yu feel about pairing the Atom with the PSB mini’s (I was actually pleasantly surprised. bit of a novice as you might gather. Any help would be appreciated. Either way it’s a big investment for me. ThanksHere’s an outline about what this category is all about

If the budget allows, Harbeth P3ESR. I have them on my Atom and I have no intention of swapping them.
No idea about the PSB’s I’m afraid.

I haven’t heard them myself but I’ve seen a few places recommend Spendor A1 as a good match. It also fits your criteria of limited space being a compact standmounter and, I believe, a sealed unit model so shouldn’t need a lot of space around it.

I use, as do many others, Neat Iotas with my Atom - terrific little speakers, remarkable bass for their size. Capable of being placed within a couple of inches of side and rear walls, and cost £700. Not the cheapest but, for me, money well spent.

I have flooorstanders with mine so my advice will be wasted.

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