Nait 1 heaven

Hi, forum! So, I recently picked up a used (obviously) Nait 1, never serviced, and long story short–it’s like the best thing I have ever heard. I am totally enamoured with this sound. I thought my KEF LS50s might have trouble but I was very wrong. It’s my first pre-BB series naim and, boy, where has this been all my life. Anyway, I did have a couple questions for y’all:

I’ve been using Nac A5 cables, but I was interested in trying out my Chord Signature cables. Anyone use any non-Naim cables successfully with the Nait?

Also, I’m currently using a Denon MM cart with it; however, my preference is for Denon MCs. Anyone have any experience or recommendations with a step-up transformer on the Nait, maybe even specifically the 103 or 301II?

Thanks bunches. And may the lord keep me from buying a Nait 2 now.


Have you had it serviced since buying it?

Skip the nait 2 and go for the nait 50, assuming pre orders are still possible.


Nait 2 looks better but Nait is the more musical of the two in my experience, both before and after a Class A service. Had 3 of each.

I will be very surprised if the Nait 50 is more musically coherent than a Nait 1 or 2, but it would still be nice to try one :thinking: Sounds like it wont be quite as hard to speaker match though.

Good to know the LS50s match well.


It has not been serviced. I purchased it with the thought that I would send it for service, but after playing it, I’m gonna keep it as is for the time being.

The 50 looks great.

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Go for Naim Preamp/MC boards/Poweramp,much better than Nait,when I have tried.

Yes. Exactly.

Love your enthusiasm!

If you are thinking of a service, the location of the service centre will depend upon where you live.

The standard recommendations that I read on the forum are: Naim Audio or Class A if in the UK, AV Options in the US, and (I think) ‘contact your country’s Naim distributor’ if you live anywhere else. Hope that helps.


Stick with NACA5 on the NAIT.


I cannot remember what the Phono input configuration of the NAIT is… Is it built in MM only - or does it take 3xx series boards…? @Richard.Dane will know… :slightly_smiling_face:

I think its just MM built in - so… you might also consider a high output MC cartridge… such as the Dynavector 10X…! I also see Denon list a DL110 high output MC…?

[Warning - I have been using 10X’s for a very long time…]

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It’s more than likely underperforming if never serviced. It will come back a different amp.

Have a chat with av options.


The NAIT is MM only. To use a Denon DL103 you will need an appropriate step up transformer. As a way to cheaply get you going then the Ortofon T5s (also look for Sony and Empire versions of the same thing) are a neat solution or else the T10 or AT-630 “tank engine” step ups are pretty affordable.


I live in the US. You know, AV Options told me they no longer work on the Nait 1. So I guess that leaves Focal Naim US?

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It’s definitely the belle of the ball in my house right now, @Murmur , squatting atop my SN.

I think i read somewhere that, post service, the 1 and 2 sound closer to each other. As an owner of both, maybe you had some thoughts.

It’s strange how those old CB units acquire a golden patina. Is that a result of oxidisation of the silver paintwork?

It’s the polycarbonate/vinyl facia “sticker” that ages and so the silvery white lettering and logo turn a golden brown colour. It seems to only happen on units from around '85. My '85 NAP250 was very bad and in fact was so brittle that even very carefully sliding it out of the sleeve it fractured and some little bits crumbled around the edge. Luckily Darran was given permission by Naim to have a batch of replacement fascias made up and he kindly gave some to Naim, so when my 250 went for a service the facia was swapped out for a new one.

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My headline and napsc both have the faded gold to their back plate. I quite like the color, actually.

I used my NAIT 1 with KEF Reference Model 3.2’s. In comparison LS50’s are a walk in the park for the NAIT 1.

Better to have current rich power :muscle: then current starved wattage.


That looks like UV damage. Did they have their rear labels facing a window?

Quite possibly! I did not enquire. The rest of the chassis is still in great shape, no fade. Sounds supreme.

Thanks for everyone’s advice!


Looks good!

Yeah, I read that too. Think its cos they change the value of one of the Nait 1 caps for some reason, matching that of the Nait 2. But I never detected any obvious change in character. The Nait 1 retained the slightly thinner and more transparant balance, and the 2 retained the slighly fuller and warmer balance.

Modern caps do have a slightly different sound signature. Its hard to describe but my feeling was that unserviced CB amps have slightly better timing between musicians but sound a bit out of tune, so the music is more coherent in one way, but less coherent in another.

If youre really enjoying it as it is then perhaps it would be best to leave it alone and buy another one and get that serviced. Then sell the one you least enjoy.