Nait 1s going up in smoke?

Nait 1 going up in smoke - just hearing rumors about this.

Now - did this actually happen to anyone?

Come again ?

Like motherboard actually frying due to very old resistors/capacitors.

Certain components will degrade or fail after time. It’s an old amp. If in doubt get it serviced.

Just don’t cross the speaker cables . . .

Never happen on mine.
I know that some Nait2 power transistor can “burn”, but not on Nait1.

You may be thinking about the early NAIT 3, which had a component that would sometimes get really hot to the point of browning the board. Realising a potential issue, Naim made a production change, repositioning the components, and FWIW offered to replace any affected boards for free, even for many years after the NAIT 3 was discontinued - which is pretty amazing service in my book.


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