Nait 2, an icon?

Actually it is normal at low GAIN settings. When the Nait2 was current, the preferred source was vinyl that would need to be run at 12:00+ on the volume pot, at which point the low gain channel imbalance was mute. I don’t think the volume pot was prepared for a 2V source as <0.75V DIN standards were more…standard.
And the ‘balance’ pot on the Naits was quite idiosyncratic too.
There are ‘attenuated’ interconnects that pad down the source voltage and lets the volume pot become more symmetrical-although I am not sure if the sonic cost of doing so is acceptable.

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I would probably have bought it, it was in an incredibly fine original condition, if it had not appeared an ad on a used XPSDR that was higher up on my wish list! Agree with you, truly an iconic amplifier.

moot, I hope!

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Yes, I used the American spelling of ‘moot’ here :wink:


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