Nait 2 phono boards

Hi all.

I have a Nait 2 amp. Which phono boards are fitted. I have no idea but wondered how i could check. If i need to remove the casing, how is this done.

Lee, the NAIT 2 has a MM phono stage onboard. It is integrated on the main board and not on separate daughter boards, so cannot be interchanged.

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If you were thinking of using a low output MC Cartridge or similar in the phono stage you can get Step-up transformers that will do this. Rothwell Audio Products produce these for example.

Oh great, thanks.

Guess they are based on 322 cards which were standard in same vintage preamps.

As far as I understand Naim MM stages (322, 522, prefix & stageline) are pretty much based on same circuit.

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