Nait 2 Step Up

Hello, I really enjoy listening to my Nait2 vinyl. I think the phono stage in the amplifier is very good. does anyone here have experience with a transformer on the Nait 2?
since I also have a very good Dynavector xx2mk2, I’m very curious how it plays with a set up.
Kind regards

Hi, welcome!
I have seen Ortofon T5 adapters mentioned favourably here before in this context, though I have no experience of them myself.

Best, C.

Might also be worth searching the internet, other audio forums, for recommendations of step up transformers compatible with your cartridge, from what I understand, which isn’t much!, cartridge compatibility is a reasonable factor in the choice too.

There’s also Dynavector’s own SUT, the SUP-200, I assume they go well together :slight_smile: Pricey though. I assume you wish to utilise the MM input, rather than buying something like the DV P75 phono stage and plugging that into a line level input?

Hi Chris,
as mentioned by Christopher M above, the Sony HA T 10/Ortofon T 5 plug-in transformers are fine things. They sound surprisingly good, I haven’t heard anything better in their price range or even three times as much. And you don’t have to worry about another set of interconnects.

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