Nait 3 as a preamp

Given that the Nait 3 was designed to accommodate a separate power amp if desired, am wondering if any forum members have experience with this capability.

Two questions:

Q1: Any insights (positive or negative) with the following three Naim power amps— NAP 100, NAP 180, NAP 200 (pre DR)?

Q2: Any insights with a non-Naim power amp?

Financial considerations aside, I realize the preamp section of the Nait 3 is the key performance constraint. That said, am wanting to better understand If there is any potential performance upside to adding a separate power amp.

Thank you.

Probably less hassle and obtain a NAC92 or similar then change the Nait3 as this is a kit that used to be supplied by Naim to modify the Nait3.

The NAP 100 wont work unless you have a separate power supply like a flatcap.

Thank you for responding. I do have a Flatcap 2 on the Nait. Am just wondering if there are any additional cards to be played to extend the performance of the unit.

Ah okay, sounds like the additional sockets are already on the Nait3 and you are looping through the flatcap and back into the Nait essentially powering the pre section from the flatcap

I converted my Nait3 to a NAC92 and used a NAP180 and this worked well but things really lifted when I purchased a NAC102.

That’s the experience I was looking for. Aside from the incremental power, did adding the 180 to the NAC 92 have any audible impact on performance (e.g., 1) performance was slightly better, 2) performance was slightly worse, 3) there was no noticeable impact on performance)?

Adding the 180 did make a difference but the pre amp in the Nait3/NAC92 held back the 180 but if you are looking to climb the Naim ladder and add the 180 budget to change the Nait for a 102 plus the sale of the Nait3 would go along way to cover the cost of a 102.

Makes sense.

Your experience has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing with me.

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